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Point of Purchase

Displays that stand out.

Our expert team is ready to make your point of purchase display project a reality. We have multiple capabilities under one roof, ready to support your vision. Put your brand in front of your customers and make an impact right where it counts with our custom-fabricated POP displays.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Custom parts. Consistent Quality.

With our fully-equipped plastics manufacturing facility, we can fabricate any custom plastic parts or components. Just let us know what your OEM needs are and we will cut, mill, or fab to your exact specifications. When it comes to OEM parts manufacturing, you can depend on us to deliver on time with consistent quality.

Our Capabilities

Our facility and expert team are fully-equipped to meet all of your plastics manufacturing, printing, finishing, and shipping needs. We are ready to take your point of purchase displays and OEM parts from design to delivery, on time and as specified. Every component we manufacture, finish, and ship is held to the highest standards of quality control.

CNC Routing

Using our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routers, we are able to machine any plastic down to your exact specifications. We have the capabilities to tackle your most demanding routing needs. Our multi-head machines and high production speeds translate to time and cost savings for you.

Screen Printing

We are fully equipped to screen print at scale, with both conventional solvent inks and rapid-curing, environmentally-friendly UV inks.

Die Cutting

For all your precision plastic cutting needs, we have got you covered. We can cut thin plastics to any shape. All we need is the specifications and we are good to go. From gaskets and spacers to computer components and more, we can do it all!

Vacuum Forming

When you need parts that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and made to perform, our forming capabilities combined with our secondary services will provide the parts you want with the value you need. From prototypes to production quantities, we can help.

Spray Painting

We can spray paint and finish plastic parts of any shape or size with exact color matching, multiple finish options, and masking available.


Our facility is fully-equipped for laminating a wide range of composites.

Plastics Fabrication

From heat bending and cold bending to UV bonding and solvent bonding, our plastic fabrication capabilities will meet the demands of any project. Whether you need a clear display box, a sneeze guard for your restaurant, or a classy point of purchase display, we can do it!

Solvent Bonding

Our careful processes and skilled technicians produce clean seams that you require.

Flame Polishing

Our experienced technicians can provide perfectly polished acrylic displays in any shape using flame polishing techniques.

Heat Bending

Our advanced heat bending system allows us to bend any plastic to whatever angle or shape that you require.

Cold Bending

For some plastics, cold bending is the fastest, most cost-effective way to get the result you need.

(including decal application)

We don’t just fabricate the plastic parts that you need for your project. We assemble them too! From simple to complex products, we can handle them all.

Packing and Drop Shipping

Our work doesn’t end at manufacturing your perfect product. We are also proud to offer our customers packing and drop shipping, to speed up delivery time and streamline your business. Our customers trust us to get their products directly to their customers, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


We make it our priority to deliver the highest quality plastic products to our customers, made to their exact specifications. That doesn’t just mean manufacturing to the highest standard. It also means fulfilling those orders on time and to expectations. That is why we handle fulfillment ourselves, including packing and shipping.

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